1. No guarantees, explicit or implied. This is a news blog, containing news and information regarding firmware security, including cited and linked content. Citations and links are the responsibility (and copyright) of the original authors!  Be very careful working with firmware. You can render your entire system unusable. Firmware security IS IMPORTANT. Some basic best practices include:
    1. Back. Up. Your. Data. Always.
    2. If you have a fleet of identical machines, canary test on a single example first, then on a subset, before deploying to the entire fleet.
    3. Remove machines from production before doing firmware security testing or firmware updates. Expect reboots for firmware updates.
    4. If you are not working with a fleet, make sure you have a secondary machine in good working order before working with firmware on your primary machine. You may need the secondary machine to get online and get assistance fixing the primary machine! Not to mention your regular daily activities.
    5. Consider your warranty status, and how it relates to your ability to get regular work done on hardware needed for work! Some consumer retail extended warranties are a rip-off, but for  business / enterprise class hardware, you can purchase extended warranties and even on-site support, even if the original warranty has expired. This may be more affordable than having multiple spare machines.
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