Intel seeks BIOS/UEFI Tools Developer

BIOS-UEFI Firmware Tools Engineer

As BIOS-UEFI Firmware Tools Engineer you will develop tools and scripts needed for build and test automation infrastructure that is the backbone of the the Continuous Integration process in Intel’s Data Center UEFI firmware BIOS team.[…]


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Amazon [Snowball] seeks Senior Hardware Security Engineer

Sr. Hardware Security Engineer

AWS Security is looking for an experienced Senior Security Engineer, specializing in hardware technologies, to help ensure AWS services are designed and implemented to the highest possible security standards. You will be responsible for supporting AWS service teams in the secure design of services, including customer-facing services with hardware components such as AWS Snowball. As the primary technical and strategic advocate for a variety of AWS-wide security initiatives, you will help internal and external partners to design from the beginning with security in mind.This is not an entry-level position, and a confident understanding of hardware/firmware security and the ability to collaborate with other leaders across the industry are essential to success in this role.
* Demonstrate *exceptional* judgment, integrity, business acumen, and communication skills
* Minimum 4 years of experience with two or more of the following categories:
— IoT network technologies (Z-Wave, Zigbee, Bluetooth/BLE, WLAN, identity/auth security)
— Hardware security (PCB, JTAG, UART, SPI, ROM, microcode, custom ASIC/FPGA)
— x86 and/or ARM chipset and firmware security (TPM, UEFI, TrustZone, secure boot)
— Local encryption and key management (LUKS, BitLocker, self-encrypting drives, etc)
— PKI and code signing architecture (X.509, EV SSL, certificate pinning, OCSP, CRL, etc)



AWS Snowball:


Microsoft Azure team seeks senior security firmware engineer

“2 years using Secure Boot” 🙂

Senior Security Firmware Engineer-CSI/Azure-Cloud Server Infrastructure

The Cloud Server Infrastructure Firmware Development (CSI-FW) team is responsible for server hardware definition, design and development of Server and Rack Infrastructure engineering for Microsoft’s online services. […] This role is for a highly motivated Senior Firmware Engineer with a background in embedded systems and security technologies. […] We are looking for someone with strong systems background and passion for security and Real Time OS internals. The successful candidate should have experience with some of the following: Real Time Operating Systems, Embedded Systems, Secure boot technologies and strong C development.

* 2+ years using or implementing Secure boot, and Protocol Security using I2C, SPI, USB or UART buses




Intel seeks senior security researcher

Job ID: JR0037962
Job Type: Senior Security Researcher

Intel Security Center of Excellence’s goal is to be a prominent leader in the industry to assure security in computing platforms by conducting advanced security research. If you are a seasoned threat, vulnerability and exploit research expert who craves for tons of fun and pride in raising the security bar for ubiquitous computing systems, we would like you to join us as a proud member of Intel’s Advanced Security Research Team. Through your deep vulnerability analysis and mitigation development expertise, you will influence the security of a variety of Hardware, Firmware, Software & Systems spanning a range of products including Devices, Cloud, Auto, IOT, AI, VR, Drones, and Networks.

* Knowledge of computer architecture CPU, SoC, chipsets, BIOS, Firmware, Drivers, and others


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Apple seeks Junior UEFI Security Engineer



S3EuroCom seeks firmware security PhD students

Engineer position(s) in firmware analysis
We are looking for a research and software development engineer with experience and interest in software development (python, C…) applied to embedded device firmware analysis. In particular, the project will involve working with Avatar2 and/or Angr. The work will take place at EURECOM and will involve some external collaboration. The candidate is expected to have experience in software development and experience, interest in, or willingness to learn, embedded devices analysis, firmware analysis, reverse engineering. This position is flexible, it may be suitable for a Post doc as well as for a freshly graduated master student. If the collaboration is successful, the position may also be changed to a PhD after one year.