Firmware Test Suite 17.07.00 released

Today Alex Hung of Canonical announced the latest release of FWTS. The list of New Features appears to all be ACPI-centric:

* acpi: bgrt: update according to acpi 6.1 errata (mantis 1577)
* acpi: method: update _PSD and _TSD tests according to ACPI 6.1 errata
* acpi: rsdp: revision 1 must have length 20 according to ACPI 6.1 errata
* acpi: method: Add _CPC revision 3 according to ACPI 6.2 (mantis 1611)
* acpi: hest: add new type 11 introduced in ACPI 6.2 (mantis 1649)
* acpi: srat: add new type 4 according to ACPI 6.2 (mantis 1656)
* acpi: method: update _GCP according to ACPI 6.2 (mantis 1703)
* acpi: hest: add notification type 11 according to ACPI 6.2 (mantis 1731)
* acpi: fadt: update minor version to 2 for ACPI 6.2 (mantis 1769)
* acpi: hest: add checks for GHES_ASSIST flag value in ACPI 6.2 (mantis 1674)
* acpi: wsmt: add wsmt test according to ACPI 6.2 (mantis 1585)
* ACPICA: Update to version 20170629
* acpi: tpm2: Add additional start method values
* acpi: iort: Add PMCG support

See the full announcement for list of Fixed Bugs (which aren’t ACPI-centric).



UEFI Forum recommends FWTS for it’s ACPI tests

FWTS has had ACPI tests for a while, and it’s basically the best public set of ACPI tests available. Better than anything the UEFI Forum has, like the SCTs. They’ve been using FWTS in the UEFI plugfests for a while, for ACPI purposes. Now the UEFI Forum is more formally recommending FWTS. Alex Hung of Canonical announces a new milestone for FWTS, the FirmWare Test Suite:

FWTS 17.03.00 is recommended as the ACPI 6.1 SCT

We have achieved another important milestone! The UEFI Board of Directors recommends Firmware Test Suite (FWTS) release 17.03.00 as the ACPI v6.1 Self-Certification Test (SCT), More information is available at:
Thank you all for who contributed patches, reported bugs, provided feedbacks and used FWTS in your work.

Thanks, FWTS, for having the best ACPI tests available!


Full announcement:



Nikolaj on recent UEFI/ACPI spec updates

William’s blog post on Nikolaj’s comments are more readable than below post:

Nikolaj has over a dozen tweets showcasing the interesting new features in the latest UEFI and ACPI specs. Click on the above Twitter URL to see the full set.



UEFI updates specs

The UEFI Forum has updated their specs.

UEFI Spec v2.7

PI v1.6

ACPI v6.2

SCT v2.5A



Linux kernel patch for ACPI HMAT support

Ross Zwisler of Intel posted a new patch to the Linux kernel, with support for the ACPI 6.2 HMAT (Heterogeneous Memory Attribute Table).

This series adds kernel support for the Heterogeneous Memory Attribute Table (HMAT) table, newly defined in ACPI 6.2. The HMAT table, in concert with the existing System Resource Affinity Table (SRAT), provides users with information about memory initiators and memory targets in the system. A “memory initiator” in this case is any device such as a CPU or a separate memory I/O device that can initiate a memory request. A “memory target” is a CPU-accessible physical address range. The HMAT provides performance information (expected latency and bandwidth, etc.) for various (initiator,target) pairs. This is mostly motivated by the need to optimally use performance-differentiated DRAM, but it also allows us to describe the performance characteristics of persistent memory. The purpose of this RFC is to gather feedback on the different options for enabling the HMAT in the kernel and in userspace.

==== Lots of details ====

See the patch, especially more details in comment documentation in part 0, on the linux-acpi mailing list posting.




new ACPI registry updates for 2017

Since I last looked[1], there has been one new company added to the ACPI registry (Marvell), and one new/updated ACPI spec (CSRT). There are also multiple new Plug and Play registry entries.

http://www.uefi.org/acpi_id_list (Last updated: 5/25/2017)
Coreboot Project BOOT 02/28/2017
Exar Corporation EXAR 02/28/2017
Marvell Technology Group Ltd. MRVL 05/25/2017
VR Technology Holdings Limited 3GVR 01/19/2017

http://www.uefi.org/pnp_id_list (Last updated 4/27/2016)
HOYA Corporation PENTAX Lifecare Division PNT 05/25/2017
Inlife-Handnet Co., Ltd. IVR 01/19/2017
MediCapture, Inc. MVR 05/25/2017
Pabian Embedded Systems PMS 02/28/2017
Pimax Tech. CO., LTD PVR 02/07/2017
Shanghai Chai Ming Huang Info&Tech Co, Ltd HYL 02/28/2017
Shanghai Lexiang Technology Limited DPN 02/07/2017
Techlogix Networx TLN 02/28/2017
Televic Conference TCF 02/28/2017
Total Vision LTD TVL 02/07/2017
VR Technology Holdings Limited DSJ 01/19/2017

[1] https://firmwaresecurity.com/2017/03/02/acpi-registry-updates/

It appears the PNP_ID exported spreadsheet is not yet up-to-date with web page. By comparison, there were many more PNP IDs registered. But the ACPI exported spreadsheet is. Yet the PNP web page’s last-updated date is wrong, and the ACPI web page’s date is correct. It would be really helpful if the URL for the company would be included in the table, as well as an URL to each ACPI spec. And announce their updates. And it would be really nice if OEMs/ODMs/IHVs/IBVs/OSVs listed what ACPI version and tables they supported (yes, wishful thinking).



Microsoft updates ACPI web page

Microsoft just updated an ACPI doc of theirs:


It still refers to ACPI 5.0, while current ACPI version is at 6.1, though… No changelog, you’ll have to compare this against your archive of the old version of this web page. 🙂

Different results from reading the 3 URLs:
http://www.uefi.org/uefi-acpi-export (exports a spreadsheet)

If you use the search ability of the uefi.org site, eg:


it only lists 3 tables. I’d expect it list WSMT, but it does not. Strange. Note that the ACPI search page says it was last updated 2016, so may not have current data to search?

I’d really like to see the ACPI site map the various registries to all of their specs, not have a few separate lists of company registeries, and a separate list of specs, not tied to companies.