ARM joins UEFI Forum Board

The UEFI Forum issued a press release today, about ARM joining the board.

UEFI Forum Appoints ARM to Board of Directors Fortifying Its Commitment to Firmware Innovation

ARM Strengthens Its Long-Standing Presence and Contributions to the UEFI Ecosystem
June 06, 2017 11:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

BEAVERTON, Ore.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The UEFI Forum, a non-profit industry standards body that champions firmware advancement through industry collaboration and advocacy of firmware technology standards, announced today that ARM has been appointed to the UEFI Forum Board of Directors.[…]







Troll: ARM Cortex-M source-level debugger

The troll is a C-language source-level debugger for ARM Cortex-M systems, accessed with the excellent blackmagic hardware debug probe, and a customized variant of the blackmagic – the vx/blackstrike (or blackstrike for short). The troll only supports source-level debugging of source code programs written in the C programming language, compiled to executable files in the ELF format, containig DWARF debug information.[…]


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ARM Compliance test Suite

ARM Compliance Test Suite [BETA] for Server Base System Architecture and Boot Requirements now available

ARM is pleased to announce the BETA release of the ARM SBSA/SBBR test suite. The suite is split across two repos:
1) SBSA-ACS on Github (just SBSA tests)
 2) ARM Enterprise ACS on Github (umbrella project that collects SBSA and SBBR tests and builds all the relevant images to allow for execution)

In 2014, ARM and its partners came together and created the key to the success of ARM servers: the Server Base System Architecture (SBSA) and Server Base Boot Requirements (SBBR). These specifications require a minimum set of hardware and firmware implementations that ensure OSes and platforms interoperate. The latest versions are SBSA v3.1 and SBBR v1.0, they are available at developer.arm.com.[…]