apple_set_os.efi: unlock Intel IGD on MacBook Pro

apple_set_os.efi: Tiny EFI program for unlocking the Intel IGD on the Macbook Pro 11,3 for Linux and Windows. It has been made to be easily chainloaded by unmodified EFI bootloader like Grub, rEFInd etc. The Macbook Pro 11,3 model’s EFI is switching off the Intel GPU if you boot anything but Mac OS X. So a little trick by faking the OS identifiction is required to make all hardware accessible. All credits belong to Andreas Heider who originally discovered this hack.[…]


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alloc8 untethered bootrom exploit for iPhone 3GS

Write-up for alloc8: untethered bootrom exploit for iPhone 3GS
alloc8 brings freedom to millions of iPhone 3GS devices, forever, by exploiting a powerful vulnerability in function malloc in the bootrom. Both revisions of iPhone 3GS bootrom are vulnerable, but old bootrom is also vulnerable to 24Kpwn, which is faster than alloc8.[…]



Apple EFI firmware update spreadsheet

This is an interesting twitter thread, if you have a Mac:



See-Also Firmware_Vault: https://firmwaresecurity.com/2015/07/15/tool-review-uefi-spider-and-firmware_vault/


Apple seeks Core EFI Manager and Mac EFI Bring Up Engineer

The Mac Platform Software team is looking for a talented engineering manager to lead a team of firmware and systems software engineers responsible for developing Apple’s UEFI implementation and related technologies for the Mac product line. Mac Platform Software is responsible for bringing up macOS and Windows on all new Mac products, including the development and integration of firmware and systems software for macOS and Windows, the development of platform-level features for the Mac, and the leadership of cross-functional debug and optimization efforts across hardware and software teams.[…]


The Mac Platform team in Core OS is looking for a talented UEFI engineer to work on the bring-up of new Mac products. Breathe life into new Mac products by developing firmware across all phases of development, from pre-silicon to product ramp.[…]