AndroidHardening’s Auditor app for Android

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 Hardware-based attestation app for select Android devices. It can do either local verification with another Android device via QR code or scheduled server-based verification. It primarily relies on Trust On First Use using the hardware-backed keystore and key attestation. The initial unpaired verification relies on key attestation root.





Google Android: Pixel firmware security updates

[…]To prevent attackers from replacing our firmware with a malicious version, we apply digital signatures. There are two ways for an attacker to defeat the signature checks and install a malicious replacement for firmware: find and exploit vulnerabilities in the signature-checking process or gain access to the signing key and get their malicious version signed so the device will accept it as a legitimate update. The signature-checking software is tiny, isolated, and vetted with extreme thoroughness. Defeating it is hard. The signing keys, however, must exist somewhere, and there must be people who have access to them.[…]



Heather Mahalik: Android and iIOS smartphone acquisition techniques

Smartphone Acquisition: Adapt, Adjust and Get Smarter!
June 25, 2018 Heather Mahalik Leave a comment

June 25, 2018

I have been recently asked by students for a summary on how to handle smartphone acquisition of iOS and Android devices. I have avoided writing it down, like I would avoid the Plague, because mobile changes so quickly and I don’t want people to read something and live by it. I wrote this on my plane ride to Vancouver, so forgive any typos or briefness in this blog.[…]