Preparing for Android firmware updates

Kris Carlon of AndroidPIT has written an article for end-users to help them prepare for a system update for their Android phones. Not bad advice to give to your non-technical friends:

On UEFI-based systems, like Intel-based Android-IA systems, I’d add:

  • save your ROM with before the update, and again after the update, booting LUV-live and using CHIPSEC.

For ARM-based systems, I wish that ARM had both AArch32 and AArch64 ports of CHIPSEC. Linaro may be porting CHIPSEC to AArch64 as part of LUV. But Linaro seems more focused on AArch64 these days, so AArch32 systems may not have security tools. For x86, there’re extensive bibliographies by LegbaCore and other security researchers on x86 BIOS/UEFI vulnerabilities, but I’ve hard a hard time finding a similar list of ARM vulnerabilities. I presume that’s because most are hidden behind iOS/Android-centric vulnerability, and other ARM-based embedded devices, with the various ARM vendor variations. If there was security data for ARM users to watch for, then the community could help ARM/Linaro with the CHIPSEC ports.