CHIPSEC in BlackArch Linux

It has been in there for a while, but I don’t think I’ve seen an announcement.

So you can use LUV-live to use CHIPSEC in a batch mode, or you can use BlackArch live to use CHIPSEC in an interactive mode.

PS: Kali status:

Encrypted Arch UEFI Installation guide

Arch Linux users might want to read this document.

An efficent method to achieve a properly encrypted, UEFI-booting, Arch Linux system. Multi-OS, and VirtualBox, UEFI booting are also supported. OBJECTIVE:  Install Arch Linux with encrypted root and swap filesystems and boot from UEFI. Note:  This method supports both dedicated Arch installs and those who wish to install Arch on a multi-OS-UEFI booting system. VirtualBox Installers Note:  This installation method can also be used to install Arch Linux as an UEFI-booting Guest system in VirtualBox.  You must have UEFI-booting enabled in VBox’s Guest System Settings prior to installation.[…]