FreeBSD 12.0 released

Highlights — from my perspective — include:

* The bsdinstall(8) utility now supports UEFI+GELI as an installation option.
* The bhyve(8) utility is now able to be run withing a jail(8).

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FreeBSD bhyve UEFI support improved

MFC: r316746 Add UEFI support to

-E: Use UEFI mode
-f: path to UEFI firmware image (default: path to uefi-edk2-bhyve package)
-F: UEFI framebuffer size (default: w=1024,h=768)
-L: IP to listen for VNC connections on (default:
-P: Port to listen for VNC connections on (default: 5900)
-T: Enable tablnet device (for VNC)
-v: Wait for VNC client before booting VM