UEFI workshops at BSidesPDX!

Exciting, there are two workshops at BSidesPDX in Portland Oregon next month:

Detecting Evil Maid Firmware Attacks

UEFI and CHIPSEC development for Security Researchers

PS: If you’re in town, there’s also the Portland Retro Gaming Expo, starting a few days earlier:

My slides from BsidesPDX’16

I gave a brief presentation at Security BSides Portland (BsidesPDX) a few days ago. Title was “Firmware Tools for Security Researchers”. Since it was only a 20-minute time slot, I only had time to cover a few tools, and didn’t get a chance to mention other noteworthy tools. Sorry for the delay in uploading, returned from conference to a bit of post-storm damage at home.  PDF of slides are here:


I’ve promised an ‘awesome-firmware-security’ set of links for a while, these slides are part of that effort, and will have a draft of this — with many more tools — in about 2 weeks.

I met a few people from the CHIPSEC team at BsidesPDX, which was an honor. I also got a few interesting questions from some smart attendees, and will be doing a few new blog posts on the things I learned at the event.

slides from BsidesPDX

I gave a talk at Security B-Sides Portland (Bsides PDX) today, “UEFI for Blue Teams”. Similar to the previous talk at SASAG, with a slightly-improved section on hardware lifecycle, and a few new tools listed, and a few other minor improvements.

Click to access bsidespdx-20151017.pdf


PS: A few of the Intel ATR people were also at BsidesPDX, and gave their DEFCON/Blackhat talk on attacking hypervisors. I *THINK* the talk was improved since the Las Vegas presentation in Summer, waiting to see if/when they upload their slides…