UEFI Plugfest slides uploaded


Tim Lewis of Insyde has a blog post with an update for the UEFI plugfest. *Multiple* presentations on security!!

 State of UEFI – Mark Doran (Intel)
 Keynote: China Information Technology Ecosystem – Guangnan Ni (Chinese Academy of Engineering).
 The Role of UEFI Technologies Play in ARM Platform Architecture – Dong Wei (ARM)
 ARM Server’s Firmware Security – Zhixiong (Jonathan) Zhang, Cavium
 SMM Protection in EDK II – Jiewen Yao (Intel)
 Server RAS and UEFI CPER – Mao Lucia and Spike Yuan (Intel)
 A More Secure and Better User Experience for OS-based Firmware Update – David Liu (Phoenix)
 UEFI and IoT: Best Practices in Developing IoT Firmware Solutions – Hawk Chen (Byosoft)
 Establishing and Protecting a Chain of Trust with UEFI – David Chen (Insyde)
 Implementation of Hypervisor in UEFI Firmware – Kangkang Shen (Huawei)
 Lessons Learned from Implementing a Wi-Fi and BT Stack – Tony Lo (AMI)
  UEFI Development Anti-Patterns – Chris Stewart (HP)


ByoSoft supports Intel Firmware Engine


Intel Developer Forum (IDF) takes place in San Francisco and also in China, and the one in ShenZhen is in the news now. Nanjing Byosoft Co., Ltd — aka Byosoft, a UEFI firmware vendor, announced that their ByoCore(TM) BIOS will fully support Intel Firmware Engine:

“Byosoft is the first vendor announce to fully support Intel® Firmware Engine among the independent firmware vendors in the industry, and the Intel® Firmware Engine technology will offer a low-cost, high-flexibility, easy-to-use service solution to Byosoft’s customers in Internet of Thing (IoT) and embedded market.”
“Byosoft believe Intel® Firmware Engine can greatly help customer to use ByoCoreTM BIOS and finish the customization, especially for those who don’t purchase source code of the ByoCoreTM. Intel® Firmware Engine offers flexible method of firmware customization based on binary, and without involving Byosoft engineer direct support, the customer can finish the firmware modification by themselves to create the required image.”

“Byosoft has co-worked with Intel and upgraded the ByoCoreTM BIOS codebase to support Intel® Firmware Engine. ByoCoreTM customer can fast customize ByoCoreTM firmware through Intel® Firmware Engine, configuring, adding or removing the existed firmware packages, and integrate user-defined payload. With Intel® Firmware Engine, ByoCoreTM customer can build customized firmware faster and easier.”

Full announcement:

This is great news for the Windows UEFI ecosystem. Again, I wish Intel would release a Linux version of the Windows-only Firmware Engine. 😦