GPUTop: a GPU profiling tool

Intel posted info about a new blog post using GPUTop with Caledon (Intel-flavored Android):

We are excited to bring out a new tutorial for profiling gpu on Android. Gputop exposes many GPU parameters module wise such as frequency, busyness, threads, EU activeness etc. These are very helpful in identifying performance bottlenecks as well as impact of performance improvements on the GPU either through graphics software stack or through the graphics application. If you are learning/ new to gpu, this should attract you even more. Please take a look, try out and feel free to share your feedback.

GPU Top is a tool to help developers understand GPU performance counters and provide graphical and machine readable data for the performance analysis of drivers and applications. GPU Top is compatible with all GPU programming apis such as OpenGL, OpenCL or Vulkan since it primarily deals with capturing periodic sampled metrics. GPU Top so far includes a web based interactive UI as well as a non-interactive CSV logging tool suited to being integrated into continuous regression testing systems. Both of these tools can capture metrics from a remote system so as to try an minimize their impact on the system being profiled. GPUs supported so far include: Haswell, Broadwell, Cherryview, Skylake, Broxton, Apollo Lake, Kabylake, Cannonlake and Coffeelake.

Intel reboots Android-IA as Project Celadon

We are excited to let you know about the refresh of the Android-IA project called Celadon. Celadon is the open sourced Android reference stack for Intel architecture that you are already familiar with, but now with more added to the stack. What started with a few open source drivers support including Mesa i965, I915 Linux Kernel Graphics Driver, and Video Acceleration API last year has since grown into a feature-rich Android stack for IA. Celadon will continue to be dedicated to driving Android support and innovation on IA in addition to providing a place for collaboration. We believe Celadon can help you enhance validation, debug and accelerate development across Android implementations on IA platforms.