Tastless CTF: tee-challenges: an exploitation challenge based on the Open Portable Trusted Execution Environment (OP-TEE)


Offered with no further comments, I’ve not yet had a chance to play this CTF yet…

RHme’s embedded hardware CTF

What is RHme+
The RHme+ (Riscure Hack me ) is a low level hardware challenge that comes in the form of an Arduino board. It was launched during BlackHat Amsterdam in 2015. The winners of the first edition were announced on 18th of January 2016. The writeups together with the interview of the winners can be found from March 1 at the official challenge website. Use your weapon of choice to extract the flags. We have no preference and we are curious to see where your creativity and skill will take you! Just be sure to have fun! 😉 We estimate the difficulty level to be moderate. If you like these challenges and you would like more, let us know. Get in touch with us via twitter (#riscure #rhme+) or send us an email at challenge. at. riscure.com