UEFI EDK2 FDF V1.27 draft spec available

Laurie Jarlstrom of Intel announced the latest UEFI FDF spec: V1.27 Draft for Review.

“Please Review By EOW”.

I think I already saw an issue show up on the public EDK2 bug database.

EDK II FDF File Spec v1.27 DRAFT for Review
Update Sept 2016 (DRAFT)
This document describes the EDK II Flash Description (FDF) file format. This format was designed to support new build requirements of building EDK and EDK II modules within the EDK II build infrastructure. The EDK II Build Infrastructure supports generation of current Unified EFI, Inc. (UEFI 2.6 and PI 1.4) compliant binary images. The FDF file is used to describe the content and layout of binary images. Binary images described in this file may be any combination of boot images, capsule images or PCI Options ROMs.


Click to access FDF_Spec_1_27_Review_Draft.pdf

EDK-II specs updated


UPDATE: Below I complain about lack of an announce mechanism to find these updates; TianoCore has an RSS feed that I’ve been neglecting to check, so they have been announcing it, but I’ve not been noticing…



Today, the EDK-II specs were revised.

“Announcing the 1.25 Updates to the EDK II Specifications (BUILD, DSC and FDF). Also Update to Visual Forms Representation (VFR) V 1.9.”

(I stumbled upon announcement on web page by accident; I wish these were announced on edk2-devel or somewhere else more easily-discoverable.)

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