Intel updates Minnowboard firmware, and Firmware Engine for Windows

Intel has updated their UEFI firmware for the Minnowboard, and has updated Intel Firmware Engine for Windows.



Intel updates Firmware Engine

Intel® Firmware Engine Release 2.0.0
Program installer for Microsoft* Windows 7/8/8.1/10.
Includes program and MinnowBoard Max and MinnowBoard Turbot platform support.

Intel: please port Firmware Engine to Linux (and FreeBSD, which also has UEFI support), the current Windows-only release only helps Windows subset of your target firmware vendor ecosystem. Thanks!

Intel Firmware Engine SDK 1.0 for Windows released

Yesterday Intel released the 1.0 SDK for their Firmware Engine.

The Intel(R) Firmware Engine simplifies and accelerates the creation of platform firmware images, allowing developers to quickly deploy platforms based on Intel reference designs. Customers can configure firmware features using a catalog of compatible firmware components, without the need to modify source code. It enables simple changes of the binary image of the firmware from reference platform to derivative product, allowing developers to configure firmware features based on their product customizations. This development process accelerates adding and removing firmware features not found in reference platform, adding third-party components not provided with reference platform, and integrating custom boot payloads. Developers can also extend functionality using the Intel(R) Firmware Engine Software Development Kit (SDK). Existing Intel(R) UDK2014 code can be extended to work with Intel Firmware Engine, allowing silicon component vendors and firmware developers to rapidly extend the Intel Firmware Engine ecosystem.”

The Firmware Engine and it’s SDK only work with Microsoft(R) Windows. If you don’t use Windows, you’ll find this SDK useless. I prefer the approach taken with the UEFI Driver Wizard, which was created with a cross-platform GUI (wxWidgets), and source code was released. Focusing on Windows-only developers alienates Mac and Linux (and FreeBSD) OS vendors and developers, all of which have UEFI firmware and may benefit from this engine and it’s SDK.  I wish Intel would target cross-platform developer tools. I wish the sources were available, so the non-Windows community could help Intel to port their code to other OSes.