UEFI_Zork (Boot to Zork): more Infocom content!

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There is now more Infocom content to be used! All (or at least most) of the Infocom IF game content is now available for UEFI_Zork. Hopefully the content license will permit OEMs and IBVs to bundle UEFI_Zork with this new content into new computers. Half 🙂


Hmm, I only recall playing Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy….


Hitchhikers Guide box art.jpg

Super Mario Bros (NES emulator) ported to UEFI

David Lee has apparently ported a NES emulator — without sound — to UEFI, but source code is not apparently available:

I used EDK II framework.
About the keyboard input, Program reads the value from 0x60 port directly because of multi-key input processing.
I measure the timer count twice(for 1sec) by using the rdtsc instruction to make game delay more accurate.
I didn’t implement the audio output.