GEF 2018.10 released: GDB Enhanced Features for exploit devs & reversers

New features:
Support for RISC-V architecture (@dlrobertson )
Brand new skin, designed by our own @Grazfather
New command print-format
New convenience variables / functions ($_pie , $_heap) by @wbowling
Better AARCH64 support
All command outputs are now buffered, so less IO, more perf
“Repeatable” commands are in
PyEnv support (@hazedic)
Ditched Travis-CI for Circle-CI
Glibc Tcache bins support
Colorized hexdump byte (pwntools-like)

Bugfix in x86 EFLAGS parsing
Better and more unit tests
More caching (on key functions, settings, etc.)
Fixed the doc
(ARM) Auto. adjust GEF mode from cspr flag
Bugfix in capstone integration
Fixed minor issues in format-string-helper
Fixed IDA integration, thx @cclauss
And more minor bugfixes, and speed improvement


ARMpwn and ARMpwn Challenge

“ARMPwn: Repository to train/learn memory corruption exploitation on the ARM platform. This is the material of a workshop I prepared for my CTF Team”

ARMPWN challenge write-up:
A few weeks ago, I came accross @5aelo repo called armpwn for people wanting to have a bit of ARM fun. I had recently spent some time adding new features and perfectionning old ones to my exploit helper gdb-gef and I saw there a perfect practice case. On top of that, I had nothing better to do yesterday ☺ This challenge was really fun, and made so much easier thanks to gef especially to defeat real life protections (NX/ASLR/PIC/Canary), and on a different architecture (Intel is so ‘90). This is mostly why I’m doing this write-up, but feel curious and do it by yourself. Fun time ahead guaranteed ☺ […]