OpenStack’s hardware introspection service 2.0 released

Dmigtry Tantsur of Red Hat announced version 2.0 of OpenStack’s hardware introspection service was released today on the openstack-announce list.

“This is an auxiliary service for discovering hardware properties for a node managed by OpenStack Ironic. Hardware introspection or hardware properties discovery is a process of getting hardware parameters required for scheduling from a bare metal node, given it’s power management credentials (e.g. IPMI address, user name and password). A special ramdisk is required to collect the information on a node. The default one can be built using diskimage-builder and ironic-discoverd-ramdisk element. Highlights of this release:

* Main Python module was renamed to ironic_inspector
* Client library was split away to a separate project
* edeploy plugin was removed in favor of more generic one called ‘extra_hardware’
* Processing hooks interface was changed
* The way we return API errors was changed to better match Ironic one
* Removed deprecated /v1/discover endpoint
* All options (except for ‘database’) were moved to sections instead of  using ‘discoverd’ for everything
* oslo.db configuration should be used instead of ‘discoverd.database’  option
* keystonemiddleware options should be used instead of reusing ‘ironic’  credentials for checking authentication
* Deprecated ‘authenticate’ opt in favor of ‘auth_strategy’
* Explicit green thread pool is used instead of just launching new threads
* NodeInfo class became more helpful for hooks
* Now it’s possible to hook into processing chain when node is not found
* Inspector no longer checks for Ironic presence on start up as it was  causing problems in real life
* SSL/TLS Support”

More Information: