Haven and evil maids





Dealing with Evil Maid exploits and how to protect your company.
Giulio D’Agostino
August 18, 2018

An Evil Maid assault is when a device has physically tampered without the device owner’s knowledge. Evil Maid attacks where a bootloader has been installed onto the victim’s computer which defeats full disk encryption. Now, however, thanks to solutions like Edward Snowden’s new Android program, which is called Haven, people can help prevent Evil Maid strikes and protect their devices from physical tampering while they’re not present.[…]This program is vital for those that have sensitive information on their devices and need extra protection against Evil Maid attacks. […]

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Secure Linux containers with Intel SGX

Diogo Mónica, Security Lead at Docker, posts this:

We looked at Haven earlier this year, which demonstrated how Intel’s SGX could be used to shield an application from an untrusted cloud provider. Today’s paper choice, SCONE, looks at how to employ similar ideas in the context of containers.[…] What’s the best way to adapt a container to run within an enclave, accommodating all of the restrictions that come with that? Can it be done in a way that doesn’t break compatibility with existing container platforms (e.g., Docker)? Will the end result pay too high a performance overhead to be usable in practice? […]

SCONE: Secure Linux containers with Intel SGX