Intel cancels Intel Developer Forum

PS: In other event news, the Fall UEFI Plugfest will be in Taipei instead of Seattle. See the presentations from the last plugfest for details.

Intel Developer Forum

IDF is happening later this month in San Francisco, and there are multiple firmware presentations there. I counted about a dozen presentations that focus on UEFI, BIOS, Redfish, and related topics. Use the Search dialog in below URL to find things.

Intel IDF post-conference materials

Intel Developer Forum ended the other week:

The other day I posted a pointer to a Redfish/UEFI HTTP Boot talk at IDF, and commented that I wish I could find the video. A kind reader showed me how to navigate the cryptic IDF archive site:

The search function on that page works well, eg filtering on firmware. There are PDF and A/V links to many of them!  IDF had 200 talks, many of them interesting to firmware security. For example, here’s the talk on Redfish from yesterday:

HP/Intel presentation on HTTP Boot and Redfish

Samer El-Haj-Mahmoud, a System Firmware Architect at Hewlett-Packard, was kind enough to give me an URL to a recent presentation at Intel Developer Forum (IDF), on UEFI HTTP Boot and DMTF Redfish:

STTS001: Firmware in the Data Center:
Building a Modern Development Framework Using UEFI and Redfish REST APIs.
Mark Doron, Intel
Dong Wei, HP
Samer El-Jah-Mahmoud, HP

The HP/Intel co-presentation is on HTTP Boot and Redfish, and the UEFI based deployment solution on HP ProLiant Servers. Topics include PXE -vs- UEFI HTTP Boot, IPMI -vs- Redfish, and clarification of HP’s implementation -vs- recent UEFI 2.5/TianoCore implementation. I wish I could find audio or video archives of this talk, not just slides. 😦

I’m not a fan of URL-shorteners, and this is a LONG URL, I think you need all the stuff after the .pdf extension:

Also, check out the UEFI videos and other resources at HP’s site:

Intel SMI Transfer Monitor (STM) for SMM

Recently, Intel announced STM, a way to help secure SMM.

So far, it appears the some of the expert firmware security researchers do not dissapprove of STM, though they wanted it earlier:

Intel announces STM at IDF

Intel just announced STM at IDF, read Vincent’s blog for more details:

Click to access A_Tour_Beyond_BIOS_Launching_STM_to_Monitor_SMM_in_EFI_Developer_Kit_II.pdf

Click to access STM_User_Guide-001.pdf

UEFI HTTP Boot support announced

I’ve been wondering about UEFI 2.5’s HTTP Boot support since the Tianocore checkins started, a few months ago:

Intel announced more on this today, preparing for their upcoming IDF presentations on the topic:

UEFI 2.5 also added DNS support to complete the network stack needed for UEFI HTTP boot. I’ve yet to see any vendor except HP announce a product yet, perhaps IDF will unveil new products from other vendors.

Firmware at Intel Developer Forum

IDF, Intel’s Developer Forum, is happening shortly, August 18-20 (or so). It appears Brian and Vincent of Intel UEFI will be speaking, at least:

Vendors usually announce/release new things at their annual conferences, so I’m looking forward to seeing what Intel does… With 201 sessions, only a 2-minute glance at the schedule, here’s a teaser (but not all) of the more interesting presentations I noticed:

STTS001 — Firmware in the Data Center: Building a Modern Deployment Framework Using Unified Extensible Firmware Interface (UEFI) and Redfish REST APIs
STTS002 — Building a Firmware Component Ecosystem with the Intel® Firmware Engine
ACAS002 — Defense Against the Dark Arts – Introduction to Malware Research
STTS003 — Developing Best-in-Class Security Principles with Open Source Firmware
DCWC005 — Tech Chat: Trusted Networks in the Cloud – Attestation of Network Elements for Secure Cloud
ISGC003 — Tech Chat: A Primer on Intel® Software Guard Extensions (Intel® SGX)
SFTC003 — Tech Chat: Securing the Internet of Things with Intel® Micro Runtime (Intel® MRT)
ARCS003 — Intel® Architecture Code Name Skylake Deep Dive: Hardware-Based Security for Windows® 10
SPCS012 — Zoom-in on Your Code with Intel® Processor Trace and Supporting Tools
ISGC001 — Tech Chat: Intel® Security Controller – The Platform to Automate Your Security Application for Software-Defined Infrastructure
MAKE003 — Hands-on Maker Lab: Bring Up a MinnowBoard, the Intel® Atom™ Processor Based Open Hardware Platform
STTC003 — Tech Chat: Using Intel® Firmware Engine to Generate Simulated Platforms for Wind River Simics*
DCWC007 — Tech Chat: Differentiating Your Data Center Platforms in Firmware
ISGC003 — Tech Chat: A Primer on Intel® Software Guard Extensions (Intel® SGX)
SFTC003 — Tech Chat: Securing the Internet of Things with Intel® Micro Runtime (Intel® MRT)
SPCC002 — Tech Chat: A Wireless Smartphone-Based Pulmonary Function Analyzer
HSTS004 — Thunderbolt™ 3 Technology and USB-C*
INFS009 — Trusted Containers and VMs in Cloud Environments
ISGS004 — Biometric Authentication in Trusted Execution Environments
RPCS009 — Developer Training on Intel® Active Management Technology
SSDS004 — The Future of Storage Security