Mozilla abandons B2G platform, announces new as-yet-unabandoned IoT platform

In a move that reminds me of the the previous version of the Tizen project, Mozilla Corp. — after recently abandoning Thunderbird — just abandoned it’s Firefox OS and it’s developers. Now it is ready to call developers to re-flock and support Mozilla Corps’s latest ‘pivot’, the Internet of Mozilla-based Things.  Here’s a post from Copperhead Security, a security-centric fork of Android AOSP, emulating a post from the “Internet of Shit”, on the Mozilla IoT announcement:

“The Internet of Things is apparently too secure. Mozilla is here to save the day by bringing web technology to your barbecue and desk lamp.”

“Connected Devices Participation is in early days, a great time to get involved. But we are moving fast. Stay with us as we set everything up.”

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