Linux Security Summit 2017 Summary

James Morris summarized the recent LSS event, excerpts below. For full message, see his original oss-security list posting.

The 2017 Linux Security Summit (LSS) was held on Sept 14th and 15th in Los Angeles, USA. It was co-located with Open Source Summit North America (previously/including LinuxCon) and the Linux Plumbers Conference (LPC). LSS is unique as a security conference as it’s dedicated to Linux and Open Source, and tends to be focused on defensive security engineering. This year we had refereed presentations, Linux kernel security subsystem updates, and BoF topics. There was also a shared day with LPC (on the 13th), where the TPMs and containers microconfs were held. We’re also seeing continued activity in TPMs (v2.0 stack developoment), integrity/boot verification, hardware-based mitigations, mobile/device, and containers. There are lots of challenges across these areas, and the materials I’ve linked from LSS and LPC are a good place to start if you’re interested in where things are at currently. There was no video this year, unfortunately, and we’ll work on making that happen for next year. (in some cases by clicking on the session topics).

Click to access LSS-2017-Kernel-Self-Protection-Project.pdf