Intel Manageability Commander for Windows: Intel AMT tool

pdxgrlgeek has a new post on the Intel blog, on the topic of Intel Manageability Commander, an Intel AMT-centric, Microsoft Windows-centric tool, which optionally Integrates with Microsoft SCCM. Excerpts of blog post and from the software’s readme PDF:

I am excited to announce the release of Intel® Manageability Commander.  Built from the widely used MESHCommander application, Intel® Manageability Commander will make it significantly easier to take advantage of Intel® AMT out of band hardware management features provided on Intel® vPro™ platforms. Intel® Manageability Commander is a light weight console used to connect with and utilize the features of Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT). Through this software, users will be able to connect to activated Intel® AMT devices to perform functions such as power control, remote desktop, hardware inventory, remote terminal, and more. Additionally, this software will plug into Microsoft* System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) version 1511 and later.

Subset of features from blog post:
* View and modify network settings of Intel® AMT. If the PC has a wireless interface, users can add multiple wireless profiles to connect to Intel® AMT using the wireless interface
* Configure Intel® AMT security features such as System Defense, Audit Log, and Access Control List
* Discover, diagnose and manage Intel® AMT configured PCs remotely
* View and solve user PC and Operating System issues via integrated KVM remote control (Keyboard, Video, Mouse)
* Display Intel® AMT events and filter events by keyword
* Enable or disable Intel® AMT features on a configured system directly from Intel® Manageability Commander’s user interface.
* Integrate with Microsoft SCCM current build version 1511 and later

Read the list of errata in the relnotes, too. For example:
1) Powering off a system using Intel® Manageability Commander uses the Intel® AMT power control feature and is outside of the operating system. This means that an OS-based reboot or power down is not possible. Over time, repeated use of this feature could lead to corruption in the operating system. This is the expected behavior of Intel® AMT power off command for all versions of Intel® AMT”

This is a Windows-centric tool. It appears if you want to have all the fun tools from Intel, you have to use Windows, not Linux or MacOSX or Android or ChromeOS. 😐

Click to access Intel_MC_User_Guide.pdf