new Minnowboard variant

It sounds like this new Minnowboard Turbot Quad Core from ADI will be out in December for around $190.

“ADI Engineering announced an upcoming Quad Core varient of the MinnowBoard Turbot that will used the E3845 SoC. Compatible with the existing MAX and Turbots this brings a new level of performance to the SoC for those computationally expensive tasks.”

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From the Netgate pre-order page:

Improvements over MinnowBoard Turbot Dual Core
* Twice the core count. Higher clock speed.
* Over 2.5 times FASTER than the MinnowBoard Tubot dual core.
*  Better Ethernet! This board has Intel i211 vs Realtek NIC.
* Fansink keeps it cool! Suitable for higher temp applications.

Nothing here yet AFAICT:

Board Design Files for Minnowboard Turbot available

John Hawley of Intel announced on the Minnowboard mailing list the availability of board design files for the ADI MinnowBoard Turbot, released by Mentor Graphics.

3D STEP files now available – Courtesy of Mentor Graphics. Just wanted to let everyone know that Mentor Graphics has just released accurate STEP files for ADI MinnowBoard Turbot. I know there’s been folks interested in getting these for a variety of reasons, and while I’ve attempted to respond to the folks who have pinged me directly, I wanted to make sure that everyone is aware that those are now available. If you’ve got any problems with them, let me know, and serious thanks go out to Mentor Graphics for doing this!

More information:

Two quotes from the Minnowboard wiki:

“The design files are released under Creative Commons CC-BY-SA.”

“The MinnowBoard Turbot is intended to comply with all requirements and guidelines set forth by the Open Source Hardware Association (OSHWA).”

The word “intended” is probably significant; regardless I’m happy to see Minnowboard intending to be OSH. I hope they fulfill this intended goal! 🙂

ADI’s MinnowBoard Turbot in stock at Mouser

Mouser is now shipping the Minowboard Turbot, the latest flavor of Minnowboard, from ADI Engineering.

Mouser Electronics, Inc. is now stocking the MinnowBoard Turbot, an enhanced open source development board. The MinnowBoard Turbot, now available from Mouser Electronics, is a powerful and expandable open-source platform that allows endless customization and integration potential. This compact embedded board is compatible with MinnowBoard MAX but adds the higher-performing dual-core Intel® Atom(TM) processor, FCC and CE certification, and designs and features that support commercial usage. With 2GBytes of DDR3L, Intel(R) HD Graphics, micro HDMI, Gigabit Ethernet, USB 3.0 and 2.0, and a Lure expansion board interface, the MinnowBoard Turbot combines robust hardware with support for several different operating systems (including Windows 10, Android 4.4, Debian GNU/Linux, Ubuntu, and Fedora) to help designers develop high-performance embedded applications. […]