tool mini-review: UEFITool

UEFITool is a UEFI firmware parsing tool, written by Nikolaj Schlej. UEFITool is a GUI tool for parsing, extracting and modifying UEFI firmware images. It supports parsing of full BIOS images starting with the flash descriptor or any binary files containing UEFI volumes. The UI provides abilities to Extract, Insert, Replace, Remove, and Rebuild, and Search. Extracting and Replacing can be done either by just the body, or also include it’s header (GUID, size, attributes and other structure-related information). Inserting targets UEFI volumes and encapulation sections, and can be done before, after, or into. You can Search by hex patterns, a GUID, Unicode text, or ASCII text. The BSD-ish licensed open source tool is cross-platform, written in C++, using Qt v4 or v5, built using the Qt qmake utility.

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