custom_nvram: Shared Library to intercept nvram get/set/match calls for emulating used by many IoT firmware software

What does NVRAM lock/unlock actually mean?

What does NVRAM lock/unlock actually mean

Jun 26, 2018

So, recently I’ve realized that meaning of “lock/unlock” in context of nvram on iOS is not understood correctly by many, so I’ve decieded to make a quick blog post on meaning of those words.[…]


Mac iOS NVRAM patcher


“Patches iOS kernel to allow access to all NVRAM variables. This tool requires tfp0 kernel patch to work (I’m not quite sure if it works with host_get_special_port 4 workaround). If nvram_patcher doesn’t work for you consider using nonceEnabler by tihmstar.“[…]

Nikolaj completes his 4-part NVRAM/UEFI blog series

Nikolaj has completed (?) his 4-part blog series on NVRAM formats in UEFI. Part 4 is on AMI’s NVAR.

Here’s a pointer to the last edition:

I think that UEFITool NE has another alpha released, with some UI changes.


Nikolaj on NVRAM formats, part 3

Nikolaj Schlej already has part 3 on his blog series on NVRAM formats in UEFI! Very long post with lot’s of information!

On NVRAM formats, part 3, about Phoenix SCT formats: FlashMap, EVSA, CMDB and some others common ones.

Also it appears he’s also released UEFITool NE alpha 25:

Nikolaj on NVRAM formats, volume 2

Nikolaj has started a series of blog posts on NVRAM formats in UEFI:

First edition is here:

The second edition is already out:

Looking forward volume 3!


Nikolaj on UEFI NVRAM formats

Nikolaj Schlej has written the first of a series of articles on NVRAM file formats:

“NVRAM formats of UEFI-compatible firmwares”

It is in Russian. If you don’t read Russian, there are many C structs and colored screenshots that are self-explanatory, and auto-translators (like Google Translate) work pretty well.

If you’ve not been watching UEFITool NE recently, there have been lots of checkins for NVRAM formats.

Nikolaj is also looking for some NVRAM formats for testing: