ORWL on Joanna’s security comments

ORWL has a response to Joanna’s comments on ORWL security:


“Recently, Joanna Rutkowska, the founder of Qubes OS (which we announced as a default OS option), posted on her Invisible Things blog and on Twitter some of her thoughts on ORWL. We offer here our comments and responses to specific points, as well as a more general response. Some of what is described in this update is laid out in our previous update on secure microcontroller (MCU) details.[…]”



ORWL funded!

ORWL, “The First Open Source, Physically Secure Computer”, just got funded on CrowdSupply!


Joanna Rutkowska wrote a recent post that gives some great background on ORWL’s physical security:



There’s a new Kickstarter project for an “open source hardened computer”, called ORWL by Design SHIFT:

I am unclear on their additional security features… Read the ‘thread’ on the above Twitter thread, eg:



WordPress renders Kickstarter URLs by only showing the video, hiding the rest of the page, remove the linefeed below: