Open Source Firmware Conference: videos uploaded

Vincent to keynote Open Source Firmware Conference

Vincent has a new blog post out, with lots of photos of legacy (pre-UEFI) hardware, and various news items, such as:

[…]Following on the spirit of openness, I was honored to be invited to keynote the upcoming open source firmware summit The landing page for my talk will be This should follow the arc on reducing friction and providing transparency for host firmware development.[…]

Open Source Firmware Conference (OSFC) CfP open!

The Call for Papers is open for the Open Source Firmware Conference:

Open Source Firmware Conference 2018, September, Germany

Mission: Change the way of firmware development, collaborate with others and share knowledge. Closed source firmware development has been the de-facto standard for the electronics industry since its inception. This didn’t change even as open-source took off in other areas. Now, with changing use cases and tighter security requirements, it’s more important than ever to take open-source firmware development to the next level.