AMI BIOS Guard Extractor: Parses AMI BIOS Guard (a.k.a. PFAT) images and extracts a proper SPI/BIOS image

Parses AMI BIOS Guard (a.k.a. PFAT) images and extracts a proper SPI/BIOS image. You can either Drag & Drop or manually enter the full path of a folder containing AMI PFAT images.

ME Analyzer v1.70.0 released

ME Analyzer v1.70.0 adds full parsing & unpacking of all Intel CSE ME/TXE/SPS File Systems (MFS/AFS) based on the amazing initial research by @_Dmit. MEA can now show the FS state and log all low-level details. General CSE firmware analysis also improved.

ME Analyzer 1.48.0 released

ME Analyzer 1.42.0 released

ME Analyzer 1.33.0 released (and microcode document revised)

Plato updates ME Analyzer, and an Intel microcode document!

MEAnalyzer v1.32.0 released

v1.32.0 includes:
Added support for CSME 11.8, 11.11 & 11.21 firmware
Added support for CSME 12 SPI FD Region structures
Added CSE Extension 22 for proper CSME 12 parsing
Added CSE Extension 14 Mod for proper DNX parsing
Added CSE Extension 5 Mod for proper Process parsing
Added CSE Extension data overflow error detection
Added CSE Extension data division error detection
Added CSE Extension data total size error detection
Improved CSE Extensions 1, 13 with CSME 12 support
Improved CSE Extension structure Revision detection
Fixed CSE unpacking crash at Key modules/regions
Fixed issues at unknown CSE Extension detection
Fixed wrong CSME 11 FIT PCH-H Z370 SKU detection


ME Analyzer 1.16.3 released

ME Analyzer Features:
Supports all Engine firmware generations (ME 1 – 11, TXE 1 – 3 & SPS 1 – 4)
Supports all types of file images (Engine Regions, SPI/BIOS images etc)
Detection of Family, Version, SKU, Date, Revision, Platform etc info
Detection of Production, Pre-Production, ROM-Bypass, MERecovery etc Releases
Detection of Region (Stock/clean or Extracted/dirty), Update etc Types
Detection of Security Version Number (SVN), Version Control Number (VCN) & PV
Detection of firmware’s Flash Image Tool platform configuration for ME 11 & up
Detection of Intel SPI Flash Descriptor region’s Access Permissions
Detection of whether the imported Engine firmware is updated
Detection of unusual Engine firmware (Corrupted, Compressed, OEM etc)
Detection of multiple Engine regions in input file, number only
Detection of special Engine firmware BIOS GUIDs via UEFIFind
Detection of unique mobile Apple Macintosh Engine firmware SKUs
Advanced detection & validation of Engine region’s firmware Size
Ability to analyze multiple files by drag & drop or by input path
Ability to unpack all Engine x86 firmware (ME >= 11, TXE >= 3, SPS >= 4)
Ability to detect & categorize firmware which require attention
Ability to validate Engine region’s $FPT checksums & entries counter
Ability to detect various important firmware problems and corruptions
Supports SoniX/LS_29’s UBU, Lordkag’s UEFIStrip & CodeRush’s UEFIFind
Reports all firmware which are not found at the Engine Repository Database
Reports any new, unknown, problematic, incomplete etc Engine firmware images
Features command line parameters to enhance functionality & assist research
Features user friendly messages & proper handling of unexpected code errors
Shows colored text to signify the importance of notes, warnings & errors
Open Source project licensed under GNU GPL v3, comment assisted code



ME Analyzer 1.11.1 released

ME Analyzer is a tool which can show various details about Intel Engine Firmware (Management Engine, Trusted Execution Engine, Service Platform Services) images. It can be used to identify whether the firmware is updated, healthy, what Release, Type, SKU it is etc.[…]

ME Analyzer switches from closed-source to open-source

Great news, the tool “ME Analyzer” — for analyzing the Intel Management Engine (ME) — has switched from closed-source freeware to open source!!