IBM Monacle and PowerVM firmware updates

[…]Under the Hood of Power Firmware Maintenance

The Service Processor of the server is running an embedded operating system with complex power firmware applications running on it; one of which is an application responsible for handling code updates. […]!/wiki/Power%20Systems/page/Monocle%20Patch%20Management

Talos FlexVer technology -vs- Evil Maids

Talos has a new post on their use of FPGAs on their OpenPower-based workstation.


Talos Secure Workstation: coreboot + POWER8

New potential product on CrowdSupply with a NICE set of features (…and I wonder how secure it will be):

* Blob-free operation
* Fully libre (open-source) IBM OPAL primary firmware w/ PetitBoot interface
* Fully libre (open-source) OpenBMC secondary (IPMI / OoBM) firmware
* NO signing keys preventing firmware modification

Learning OpenPOWER firmware

A few days ago, I blogged about AMI joining OpenPOWER. Recently, there’s been some other activity in OpenPOWER.

IBM just announced SuperVessel, an OpenPOWER-based cloud for developers:

It appears the source code to the OpenPOWER firmware was released about a year ago. Luckily, some others have been blogging on OpenPOWER firmware already:

I’m just learning about the OpenPOWER community, it’s been years since I’ve written PowerPC assembly, and that was OS-level stuff, I am not aware of current OpenPOWER firmware technology. I probably won’t have a lot of time to post blog entries next week, but but I’ll have some more on OpenPOWER firmware in future blog posts.