Purism and Trammell Hudson partnership

It looks like Purism is going to use Heads now! I hope other OEMs consider some of the features Heads offers.





Purism Librem 13 coreboot update

Here are the news you’ve been waiting for: the coreboot port for the Librem 13 v1 is 100% done! I fixed all of the remaining issues, it is now fully working and is stable, ready for others to enjoy. I fixed the instability problem with the M.2 SATA port, finished running all the tests to ensure coreboot is working correctly, fixed the headphone jack that was not working, made the boot prettier, and started investigating the Intel Management Engine issue. Read on for details.[…]




Purism announces advisory board

Purism announces advisory board, and one of the members is Linux firmware security expert Matthew Garrett, which is good news:





Purism’s secure tablet

Purism started making laptops, but have now extended to tablets. Their current IndieGoGo-based funding effort only has 3 days left!


Purism builds a secure tablet with physical wi-fi and camera switches




Petition for Intel to build a no-ME system

Here is where to sign:

Petition for Intel to Release an ME-less CPU design

I hope someone does a petition to get the Stateless Laptop built. If Intel builds a new ME-less system, it should also be building this Stateless system as part of it.


AND… I don’t understand why OEMs are dancing around with tamper resistant screws. IMO, a system needs a lock, a good one, since lockpicking is a normal hacker sport, most locks are useless. A good laptop should have a lock to prevent casual evil maids. The Google Chromebox Pixel Developer Mode scew is nice, but an evil maid could also use that, no lock. Cars have locks. Houses have locks. Computer server rooms have locks. Data contained in laptops are often worth more than cars and houses. Why do modern expensive computers have no locks? Cost? Governments would not want them, harder to access boxes going through customs? I want a Stateless Laptop, with a secure metal enclosure and a good quality lock. Then I’ll keep the key and thumbdrives with me, and just deal with rubberhose attacks, not evil maid attacks.


coreboot update

coreboot is nearing it’s 4.3 release. Their last post shows stats of project activity for a single week this month, especially 36 contributors, 11 of them new. The week before there were 13 new contributors!

– Total commits: 111
– New authors: 11
– Total authors: 36
– Total lines added: 10885
– Total lines removed: -604
– Delta: 10281

Two new mainboards – the Google Tidus board (Lenovo ThinkCentre Chromebox), and the Purism Librem 13 laptop are added.

There’s even Ada compiler support added to the toolchain. There are many other changes, not mentioned here, see the full post: