Talos II by Raptor Engineering

The Free Software Foundation has a new announcement, reminding you to pre-order a Talos II by Raptor Engineering before Septembert 15th deadline. The FSF includes the Talos II in their Respects Your Freedom hardware certification program.

Support the Talos II, Respects Your Freedom certification candidate: pre-order by 9/15

Raptor Engineering is now taking pre-orders for the Talos II until September 15th. The Talos II is a powerful system built from the ground up with freedom in mind. We’ve previously [supported] the work of the folks at Raptor Engineering. This time, rather than a crowdfunding effort, we are asking you to support their work by pre-ordering the [Talos II]. The system comes in a variety of forms to meet your needs, from a workstation to rack-mounted to the board by itself. Raptor Engineering has put in a great deal of effort researching and prototyping this system, and now it is ready for prime time. The Talos II is great for any hacker who needs a powerful machine, perfect for developing even more free software.[…]




Timothy Pearson of Raptor on closed-source firmware

Timothy Pearson of Raptor Engineering has a blog post talking about the security issues of closed-source firmware ‘blobs’.

[…]So, what are your thoughts on the current x86 proprietary software situation? Are you willing to continue to use FOSS software inside the ever-shrinking x86 “software jail”, or are you possibly willing to give up some cost or performance advantages in order to retain full control of the software running on your hardware? This is a question that will need to be answered soon; the long-term consequences of a fully TiVo-ized computing world are not to be taken lightly, and thus far the free software community has put up very little resistance to the antifeatures being forced into modern x86 platforms. I hope to provoke wider discussion on these topics via this message.



Raptor meets OpenBMC crowdsourcing pledge goal!

Overall Goal:    $50,000 USD
Raptor’s Contribution:    $30,000 USD
Community Goal:    $20,000 USD
Current Pledges:    $20,000 USD
Remaining Deficit:    $0 USD
 Overall Funding Status:    100.0%
Community Funding Status:    100.0%



Raptor Engineering seeks funds for OpenBMC port

Raptor Engineering is asking for crowdsource funding to help them port OpenBMC to an ASUS system:

“Make coreboot a first-class citizen in the datacenter on modern, blob-free hardware.”


Talos FlexVer technology -vs- Evil Maids

Talos has a new post on their use of FPGAs on their OpenPower-based workstation.




Talos Secure Workstation: coreboot + POWER8

New potential product on CrowdSupply with a NICE set of features (…and I wonder how secure it will be):

* Blob-free operation
* Fully libre (open-source) IBM OPAL primary firmware w/ PetitBoot interface
* Fully libre (open-source) OpenBMC secondary (IPMI / OoBM) firmware
* NO signing keys preventing firmware modification