Red Hat: SPECTRE Variant 1 scanning tool

As part of Red Hat’s commitment to product security we have developed a tool internally that can be used to scan for variant 1 SPECTRE vulnerabilities. As part of our commitment to the wider user community, we are introducing this tool via this article. […] The tool currently only supports the x86_64 and AArch64 architectures. We do hope to add additional architectures in the future.[…]

EFI-CI: Red Hat team’s build CI for EFI-related tools

This repo contains the tools to build images to run CI for the Red Hat bootloader team’s EFI tools. This build includes all of the dependencies of the build as well as the testing infrastructure, to minimize the time spent per Travis build. Each repo has a .travis.yml will install this docker image, fetch and build any prerequisites, and build that repo using whatever branch travis specifies.