PreOS presentation from SeaGL online

Last week Paul English of PreOS Security gave a presentation at SeaGL Conference (spelled with the RMS-preferred prefix, “Seattle GNU/Linux Conference”, pronounced like the bird “Seagull”). The presentation was about about firmware defensive skills. Whereas my previous presentation presumed an audience of enterprise (SysAdmins, SREs, Blue Teams, or DFIR), Paul’s talk presumed an audience of end-users, with no enterprise to back them up.

Alas, with most SeaGL presentations, this presentation was not video/audio-taped. His blog post has pointer to his slides.

His blog post also mentions brief status update on the sysadmin ebook that Paul is driving, he’s nearly ready, it’ll be nice to have this resource available.

Also, note that the PreOS Security web site has been revamped. All known HTTP/HTTPS problems have been resolved, and the blog backlog is getting flushed.



If you are the Seattle area, the Seattle GNU Linux Conference (SeaGL, pronounced “Seagull”) is happening shortly. There’re two UEFI talks, one by PreOS Security, and one by System76.

slides from today, SeaGL talk, defensive UEFI for sysadmins

I’m giving the below presentation later today at “SeaGL”, pronounced “Seagull”, the Seattle GNU/Linux Conference.

It is based on the presentation given earlier at and This one is shorter, for a 1-hour timeslot, with more concise NIST advice and “other tools” section, various other cleanups, and a few additions for a Free Software-centric audience.

The Intel LUV team was kind enough to send me some thumbdrives of LUV-live. The first dozen attendees gets a thumbdrive. THANKS, Intel!

Click to access 20151023-seagl.pdf