Vice: The Prototype iPhones That Hackers Use to Research Apple’s Most Sensitive Code

[…]The thing that his team had been able to analyze for the first time was the iPhone’s Secure Enclave Processor (SEP), which handles data encryption for the iPhone. How they were able to do this was a valid question given Apple’s notorious secrecy, and the fact that the SEP is one of the most important and most closely guarded components of the iPhone, the most secure smartphone on the market. […]

Apple SEP story from August, again

[AFAICT nothing new recently, this is just the August story being rehashed again in November, I think…]


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https://gist. /xerub/0161aacd7258d31c6a27584f90fa2e8c

Click to access us-16-Mandt-Demystifying-The-Secure-Enclave-Processor.pdf


Apple’s Secure Enclave Processor (SEP) Firmware Decrypted