SimpleVisor is now also UEFIsor!

Wow, he’s fast:

Not a new UEFIor project, like I was for some reason expecting, but the same project as the existing SimpleVisor.



Alex’s SimpleVisor now supports EPT and VPID

Re: Alex’s Intel x64 Windows-based hypervisor:

it now supports more features:

I hope he targets UefiVisor next. I am guessing that UEFI will get more interesting as an OS — and not just a bootloader — once someone ports a VM to a UEFI app.

SimpleVisor: new hypervisor for Intel x64 Windows

Alex Ionescu has released a new hypervisor for Windows:

SimpleVisor is a simple, Intel x64 Windows-specific hypervisor with two specific goals: using the least amount of assembly code (10 lines), and having the smallest amount of VMX-related code to support dynamic hyperjacking and unhyperjacking (that is, virtualizing the host state from within the host).