Facebook open sources Sonar, debugging tool

Open-sourcing Sonar, a new extensible debugging tool
Emil Sjölander

One challenge that comes from having many engineers working collaboratively on larger apps is that typically no single person knows how every module works. This segmentation of knowledge and expertise can make it difficult to develop new features, investigate bugs, or optimize performance. To help engineers at Facebook manage this complexity, we built Sonar, an extensible cross-platform debugging tool. Sonar gives us a surface where framework experts and developers can convey important information to framework users. Now we are adding functionality and sharing Sonar as an open source project to help others accelerate the app development process. With Sonar, engineers have a highly flexible, intuitive way to inspect and understand the structure and behavior of their iOS and Android applications. We believe Sonar improves on current tools by providing a more visual and interactive experience that is extensible to fit engineers’ specific needs.[…]