Open Trust Protocol (OTrP) created

There’s a new IoT security-centric informational IETF Internet Draft out, called OTrP, Open Trust Protocol. Their spec is released as an informational IETF Internet Draft, the companies of the 5 authors are from: Symantec, Interce, Solacia, and ARM. One of the news sites mentions the full list of companies backing this protocol are: Intercede, Solacia, Symantec, Beanpod, Sequitur Labs, Sprint, Thundersoft, Trustkernel, Verimatrix and ARM. I can’t find any web site for this group.

“This document specifies the Open Trust Protocol (OTrP), a protocol to install, update, and delete applications and to manage security configuration in a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE).TEEs are used in environments where security services should be isolated from a regular operating system (often called rich OS). This form of compartmentlization grants a smaller codebase access to security sensitive services and restricts communication from the rich OS to those security services via mediated access. […]”

PS: A bit off-topic, but IETF- and IoT- related, found when looking for above URLs: