Steven Ellis: firmware updating on Linux

Steven Ellis of Red Hat has a new article on on updating firmware and UEFI, with lots of good stuff to read. He mentions his next article will be on the topic of patching SSD firmware, which sounds very interesting. Spoiler alert: I’m exerpting his Recommendations from the end of the post:

[…] In this article, I’ll walk through my recent firmware update on Linux, and I’ll share a few recommendations based on that experience. […]
* More vendors should allow UEFI BIOS updates directly from the BIOS-style interface. UEFI shell command-line isn’t for the casual user.
* If your vendor supplies a bootable image, try to use that first.
* Investigate what supported tools are available, but consider using a live image for patching. I’m somewhat wary of tools that build and install their own kernel modules.
* Assist projects—like flashrom—to avoid these issues in the future.