Subgraph OS alpha announced

The new Subgraph operating system is expected to have Alpha release in March, excerpt of latest blog post is below:

Subgraph OS Announcement

We are happy to announce that Subgraph is to receive support for 12 months of Subgraph OS development from the Open Technology Fund.

This means that we will be able to focus our efforts over the next year on development exclusively.

Our current areas of focus are:

    Oz, our framework for application isolation

    Tooling and automation for builds and tests of Subgraph OS packages as well as for the base OS image. We are working towards a downloadable ISO as soon as possible.

All of our code is to be hosted on Github, though for now everything there is very alpha. We invite the community to check it out.

Subgraph creates Secure Desktops list

Subgraph has created a new mailing list for Secure Desktop discussions.

Excerpt from initial post:

This forum is the product of a meeting between Subgraph, Qubes OS and Tails, in which it was agreed that we need a place for ongoing discussion of ideas and collaboration in our efforts towards the common goal of building secure open source desktop computing environments. We therefore invite participation from any developers and contributors for these and related projects, including applications, as well as anyone else interested.

In case you have only looked at TAILS or Qubes, Subgraph OS is  a VERY interesting OS design: