Microsoft WinHEC Taipei 2017

Welcome to WinHEC June 2017 Registration
The Windows Hardware Engineering Community (WinHEC) is where technical experts from around the world, and Microsoft, come together to make Windows great for every customer. Our next WinHEC event is June 14th and 15th in Taipei, Taiwan. The workshop will feature sessions and a lab for developers, product managers and planners to help prepare for Windows 10 S and to showcase the benefits of adopting key hardware features. Presentations will include: Introduction to Universal Drivers, Universal Developer Center for Hardware and Driver Servicing, Driver Flighting end-to-end, Windows Ink, Windows 10 Mixed Reality, Designing and Optimizing for Long Battery Life and Responsive Windows Devices, Windows Hello, and Developer Platform Updates. We will also have a guided, hands-on lab to explore and practice the concepts covered in the Introduction to Universal Driver session.


UEFI Forum Spring plugfest presentations uploaded

The UEFI Forum is concluding their Spring plugfest in Taipei. They’ve uploaded the 8 presentations to

    UEFI Forum Update – Dong Wei (HPE)
    UEFI Forum ARM Update – Mitch Ishihara (ARM)
    Improving Platform Security with UEFI Secure Boot and UEFI Variables – David Chen (Insyde Software)
    The TPM 2.0 specs are here, now what? – Dick Wilkins (Phoenix Technologies)
    Standardized Firmware for ARMv8 based Volume Servers – Jonathan Zhang (Cavium Inc.) and Robert Hsu (AMI)
    Microsoft Update for Windows Security – Jackie Chang, Tony Lin (Microsoft Corporation)
    UEFI Port to RISC-V Processor Architecture – Abner Chang (HPE)
    Tianocore 2016 Updates – Tony Mangefeste (Intel)

and look for the videos to start showing up here: