scan_thinkpwn: searches for ThinkPwn vulnerability

THINKPWN SCANNER: This program is used to scan UEFI drivers extracted from firmware image for ThinkPwn vulnerability in vendor/model agnostic way.
@d_olex (aka Cr4sh) — initial Vivisect based version of the program;

@trufae (aka pankake) — radare2 based version (this one);

Read the source code for more user docs, including a detailed source comment about how the code works.

More info:

CHIPSEC adds capsule parsing and blacklists ThinkPwn

CHIPSEC has had a few significant updates recently:

[…] It detects EFI binaries which have the following attributes:
1. GUID A56897A1-A77F-4600-84DB-22B0A801FA9A string of vulnerable UEFI SmmRuntime protocol within the contents of EFI binaries
2. Two names (UI strings) ‘SystemSmmRuntimeRt.efi’ and ‘SmmRuntime’ and two GUIDs 7C79AC8C-5E6C-4E3D-BA6F-C260EE7C172E and A56897A1-A77F-4600-84DB-22B0A801FA9A of vulnerable EFI binaries found in different systems[…]