Lenovo’s Think BIOS Config Tool




Some related Lenovo BIOS tools:

[I confess still not understanding what this “BIOS to UEFI” thing that Windows admin tools now have. Is it switching from Legacy to UEFI firmware then redoing the OS bits to handle that? Why are these boxes using Legacy  mode in the first place? Oh well.]


More info on Microsoft BIOS to UEFI feature

Earlier I saw some brief information about some “BIOS to UEFI” feature that Microsoft was adding to some product of theirs, but had no idea what it was about. Here is a bit more information on the System Center feature:


“Improvements for BIOS to UEFI conversion

You can now customize an operating system deployment task sequence with a new variable, TSUEFIDrive, so that the Restart Computer step will prepare a FAT32 partition on the hard drive for transition to UEFI. The following procedure provides an example of how you can create task sequence steps to prepare the hard drive for the BIOS to UEFI conversion.