UEFIDump replaced by UEFIExtract with ‘unpack’ option

UEFITool is a Qt-based GUI tool that works on Mac/Windows/Linux. In addition to the main Qt-based GUI tool, the project also has a few other command line tools, UEFIExtract, UEFIFind, UEFIDump. And there are two codebases on Github, master and new-engine.

Some of the command line tools have been changing: UEFIDump was a tool that dumped info. UEFIDump is now gone, replaced by UEFIExtract with the “unpack” option (the “dump” option is related).


UEFIDump/UEFIExtract aside, UEFIFind is also useful to find information:



UEFITool/UEFIExtract/UEFIFind updated

Nikolaj Schleg has updated UEFI Tool, and UEFI Extract and UEFI Find, with a fe new features and fixes:

*  improved parsing of Intel flash descriptor
* improved detection of Tiano/EFI 1.1 compression type
* added 2 UEFI capsule GUIDs used by Lenovo
* solved potential crash on very low memory available
* UEFIExtract and UEFIFind update to include the latest parser changes

Alpha version of new UEFITool 0.30.0_alpha19 released for early adopters, still no image editing possible in this release.