UefiToolsPkg: making UEFI more useful to system hackers

Andrei Warkentin has created UefiToolsPkg, readme excerpt below:

This is a Tiano Core (edk2) package with various goodies. The goal was to make the UEFI environment much more useful to system hackers. It may be a reduced environment, but there’s no need for it to remain a crippled one. People make the analogy of UEFI being the 21st century equivalent of DOS, yet DOS was a vastly more useful environment than UEFI is today. Hopefully, one day this will grow into a veritable distribution of software to be productive even without a “real OS” around. Contains: Useful utilities for developers and admins,Ported UNIX tools, Useful libraries for developers, Development tools for Windows/Linux, Other tools around the Web.

FdtDump: dump system device tree to storage
AcpiDump: dump system ACPI tables to storage
AcpiLoader: load system ACPI tables from storage
ShellPlatVars: set UEFI Shell variables based on platform configuration
MemResv: create new memory map entries
RangeIsMapped: validates ranges in the memory map
GopTool: Check and manipulate EFI_GRAPHICS_OUTPUT_PROTOCOL instances
tinycc: port of TinyCC to UEFI

There’s at least one other UEFI ‘distribution’ project on Github, mostly non-usable, I forget the name at the moment.  If I had some spare time, I’ve been wanting to do something like this, still looking to find the spare time… 😦 The next logical step is to include FPMurphy’s UEFI Utilities: