UFS Erase Block command added to UEFI

Hao Wu of Intel added Erase Block support to UFS (Universal Flash Storage) devices. Since UFS uses SCSI model in UEFI, the SCSI Unmap command was also added, but SCSI Unmap is not fully-implemented for SCSI devices, only for UFS Erase Block support.

[PATCH 0/2] Add Erase Block Protocol support for UFS devices

This patch series add the Erase Block Protocol implementation for UFS devices. Since the UFS transport layer follows the SCSI architecture, therefore, the implementation is added in the ScsiDiskDxe driver.

MdePkg IndustryStandard/Scsi.h: Add Unmap command support
MdeModulePkg ScsiDiskDxe: Add Erase Block Protocol support for UFS devices

For more information, see the patch on the EDK2-devel list, see the UFS 2.0 spec (including section Hmm, unless I’m misreading things, the UFS spec is for members only, not public. 😦



FWTS 15.11.00 released

Alex Hung of Canonlical has announced the release of FWTS (FirmWare Test Suite) version 15.11.00, the November 2015 quarterly release, with multiple changes to the UEFI and ACPI tools.

= Significant Updates =
 * Update ACPICA to version 20150930

= New Features =
  * Add in the notion of ACPI compliance tests.
  * MADT subtables: Local SAPIC structure has 3 reserved bytes, not 1
  * ACPI: MADT: update GICC flag checks for ACPI 6.0
  * ACPI: MADT: further update to GICC flag checks for 6.0
  * acpi: method: skip scope names in method_evaluate_method
  * acpi: method: add _GPE test
  * acpi: method: add _TSN test
  * acpi: method: add _TFP test
  * acpi: method: add _EC test
  * acpi: method: add _CWS test
  * acpi: method: add _BTH test
  * auto-packager: mkpackage.sh: add xenial
  * acpi: tpm2: add check for zero control area address (LP: #1506442)
  * securebootcert: change fail to warning when MS UEFI CA not found in DB
  * lib: fwts_uefi: add BMC device path define
  * uefidump: add dumping the BMC device path
  * uefibootpath: add test for the BMC device path
  * lib: fwts_uefi: add the URI device path define
  * uefibootpath: add test for the URI device path
  * uefidump: add dumping for the URI device path
  * lib: fwts_uefi: add the UFS device path define
  * uefidump: add dumping for the UFS device path
  * uefibootpath: add test for the UFS device path

= Fixed Bugs =
  * dmi: dmicheck: fix SMBIOS issues on aarch64 systems
  * acpidump: add missing reserved fields to MADT structures
  * cpufreq: the calibration is taking a long time, make it faster
  * acpi: tcpa: replace tab with spaces to fix formatting alignment

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ZFS for FreeBSD’s for UEFI boot loader

From the FreeBSD Quarterly Status Report, FreeBSD’s boot loaders have a patch to support ZFS booting:

ZFS Support for UEFI Boot/Loader: UEFI-enabled boot1.efi and loader.efi have been modified to support loading and booting from a ZFS filesystem. The patch currently works with buildworld, and successfully boots on a test machine with a ZFS partition. In addition, the ZFS-enabled loader.efi can be treated as a chainloader using ZFS-enabled GRUB. The work on boot1.efi also reorganizes the code somewhat, splitting out the filesystem-specific parts into a modular framework. Open tasks:
1) More testing is needed for the following use cases: ZFS with GRUB+loader.efi, ZFS with boot1+loader.efi, UFS with boot1+loader.efi (to test the modularization of boot1.efi)
2) Have boot1.efi check partition type GUIDs before probing for filesystems.
3) Get patch accepted upstream and committed.

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