Vim 8.1 released

Fewer external plugins needed to use a shell within Vim anymore!


The main new feature of Vim 8.1 is support for running a terminal in a Vim window. This builds on top of the asynchronous features added in Vim 8.0. The terminal window can be used for many purposes, here are a few examples:

* Run a command, such as “make”, while continuing to edit in other windows. The progress of the command can be observed, the terminal window is continuously updated.
* Run a shell where you can execute a series of commands.
* Use the new terminal debugger plugin for debugging inside Vim. This is especially useful over an ssh connection, when opening other terminals is not possible or impractical. I use this to fix problems in Vim when travelling.

The terminal window is also used in tests, to grab a screenshot and compare it with the expected state. This allows for testing interactive actions, such as the popup menu.

Vim syntax highlighting for EDK2 sources

If you use Vim, there are a few projects with syntax highlighting support for TianoCore sources and config files. A recent one, from this year:
Two others from 2013, with different features from above one:

If you use Visual Slick Edit, one firmware engineer at Dell has created some files for EDK-II support:

I found no support found for Emacs, perhaps the FSF anti-UEFI campaign has impacted this? I don’t know of any EDK-II support in any other open source programmer’s editors or IDEs.

Besides highlighting C/assembly sources, EDK2 has 7 different build/config files, much more complex than a single Makefile to deal with. The specs for these files are listed below; it would be nice if you spend time in EDK2 sources, if your editor helps you understand these formats.