Western Digital embraces RISC-V

[…]Western Digital’s leadership role in the RISC-V initiative is significant in that it aims to accelerate the advancement of the technology and the surrounding ecosystem by transitioning its own consumption of processors – over one billion cores per year – to RISC-V.[…]


Western Digital drives vulnerable: BadUSB, EvilMaid

Most news sites are reporting about bad security in Western Digital hard drives. As presented at Hardware.io the other week, and from the Full Disclosure mailing list from a few days ago, excerpt below:

Authors: Gunnar Alendal, Christian Kison, modg
Vendor notification: The vendor has been informed of the research.
Patches: The authors are not aware of any fixes.

Research on Western Digital wide-spread self-encrypting hard drive series “My Passport” / “My Book”. Devices researched utilizes mandatory HW AES encryption. Multiple vulnerabilities, including:
* Multiple authentication backdoors, bypassing password authentication
* AES factory key recovery attacks, exposing user data on all affected devices, regardless of user password
* Exposure of HW PRNGs used in cryptographic contexts
* Unauthorized patching of FW, facilitating badUSB/evil-maid attacks

Architectures researched (USB Bridge Vendor – Chip model – Architecture):
 JMicron – JMS538S – Intel 8051
 Symwave – SW6316 – Motorola M68k
 Initio – INIC-1607E – Intel 8051
 Initio – INIC-3608 – ARC 600
 JMicron – JMS569 – Intel 8051

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