Dell Firmware blog and Intel UEFI training

I just became aware of another firmware blog, by William Leara of Dell:

If you’ve not seen it, it’s worth reading, if you care about UEFI.

In this article, he mentions some of Intel’s UEFI web-based training:

In addition to this Flash-based training, Intel SSG also has a 3-day class for Intel employees, which they upload the labs and presentation materials to the public. They maintain this courseware, new versions of the presentations/labs are occasionally updated. If you are a Windows/Visual Studio user, you’ll be right at home with the labs. If you are a Linux user, there is a small amount of content focused on Linux, otherwise you’ll have to ignore all the screenshots of Visual Studio users clicking and right clicking. In the future, I wish Intel SSG would add audio/video layers, in addition to presentation and labs. Download and the most recent Presentations<YYMMDD>.zip from: