Deconstructing the Xbox Boot ROM

[…]I recently wanted to do a bit of reverse-engineering and so I decided to deconstruct the boot ROM to better understand the Xbox security system. In this article, I will present the high-level boot flow of the system, the disassembled ROM code, pseudocode for the disassembly, along with some thoughts. It should be known that there is essentially no new information presented in this article. The many flaws of the Xbox security system have already been well documented years ago by some really smart people. That said, I am not aware of a similar disassembly of the ROM, so perhaps this article will serve as a guide for others who are interested.[…]

Xbox-Console-Set by Evan-Amos


Bunnie asked to testify on Xbox reversing trial

Bunnie Huang, founder of Bunnie Studios, makers of the Open Source Hardware-based Novena laptops, is also the author of “Hacking the Xbox”, and is being asked to testify in an Xbox jailbreaking case, as the BoingBoing article says:

Terrified feds try to bar Bunnie Huang from testifying at Xbox jailbreaking trial

Bunnie “Chumby” Huang, whose Hacking the Xbox is a reverse-engineer’s bible, has been asked to testify at the trial of Anaheim’s Matthew Crippen, who faces three years in prison for jailbreaking Xbox 360s (that is, modding them so that they could run software that Microsoft hadn’t authorized). But federal prosecutors have asked the judge to prevent Bunnie from testifying.
    The 35-year-old Huang argues that mod-chipping is not a violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, which makes it unlawful to circumvent technology designed to prevent copyright infringement. He said he hopes to prove that point to jurors via a step-by-step tutorial.
    “Basically, what he did was insufficient on his own to violate anything,” Huang said in a recent telephone interview from Singapore, where he serves as vice president of hardware and general manager for Chumby’s operations in Asia.

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(3  years in prision for modifying a device you ‘own’? Wow.)